Children’s only hair salon in Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester

Welcome to Angels & Rascals, Greater Manchester’s newest children’s hair salon. We specialise in cutting hair and can cater for all types of children’s hair styles and designs.

Our Soft play and Xbox area will mean your little stars can have the time of their life, and get a fantastic haircut too!

Should your little ones feel a bit peckish, we have catering for 0-14 year olds, but don’t worry we haven’t forgot about you, we also have a coffee bar so you can sit back and relax with a hot creamy latte while your kids have a blast.

Where to find us?
131 London Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 4HH

Angels & Rascals – Our Journey


The Idea

I had an idea in my head 10 years ago. I thought about little kids and the stress some of them go through just to get a haircut. Wondering if there was anything I could do to make it easier for them, not forgetting their stressed and embarrassed parents. It was then I started to think about a kids only salon, but the only trouble was I didn’t have any investment, or access to any money. So for years I just sat on the idea.


Funding The Project

In 2013 I lost my auntie Louise, the sister of my dad. But to my astonishment, six months later I discovered she had left my sister and I a little nest egg in her will between us. Aunt Louise was my saviour, I now had the money to put my dream into motion. This whole concept was way beyond anything I had ever done before and I was very apprehensive at the idea, but excited at the same time.


Moving Forward

Having ran a successful gents salon for over 26 years, I know a thing or two about cutting hair. But the whole idea of a children’s salon was alien to me! Looking back on this journey, from the designers to the builders, they have all played their part and I am so pleased with the final outcome. I have found four bright young people to work in my salon and from the outset it is clear I have chosen them wisely, as they all do me extremely proud!

– Ian Rey, founder of Angels & Rascals Childrens Hair Salon

We find that children relax when they come in our salon because they feel comfortable with the environment.

They also don’t feel intimidated having their hair cut because of the bright, friendly and fun atmosphere that we create.

Our staff are very experienced with working with children. With lots of patience, fun and fresh ideas. We have all the services you child could possibly need, from hair cuts, styling, face painting, make-up and much more!

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