Angels & Rascals – Our Journey

The Idea

I had an idea in my head 10 years ago. I thought about little kids and the stress some of them go through just to get a haircut. Wondering if there was anything I could do to make it easier for them, not forgetting their stressed and embarrassed parents. It was then I started to think about a kids only salon, but the only trouble was I didn’t have any investment, or access to any money. So for years I just sat on the idea.


Funding The Project

In 2013 I lost my auntie Louise, the sister of my dad. But to my astonishment, six months later I discovered she had left my sister and I a little nest egg in her will between us. Aunt Louise was my saviour, I now had the money to put my dream into motion. This whole concept was way beyond anything I had ever done before and I was very apprehensive at the idea, but excited at the same time.


Moving Forward

Having ran a successful gents salon for over 26 years, I know a thing or two about cutting hair. But the whole idea of a children’s salon was alien to me! Looking back on this journey, from the designers to the builders, they have all played their part and I am so pleased with the final outcome. I have found four bright young people to work in my salon and from the outset it is clear I have chosen them wisely, as they all do me extremely proud!

Ian Rey, founder of Angels & Rascals Childrens Hair Salon.

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Meet the team

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“I really enjoy working at Angels & Rascals because it’s such a fun environment to work. Also working at Angels and Rascals is giving me the opportunity to learn different skills in hairdressing. ”

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Hair Stylist (part time)

“I love working with children, the atmosphere is so fun and it helps that I’m such a big kid. Its a nice feeling to have when children build their trust in you and as do the parents, as their childrens hair is very important to mums and dads. ”

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Hair Stylist

“I enjoy working at Angels & Rascals because it is a great environment with amazing staff. It’s great working with young children as they bring a youthful side out and they bring smiles to my face as they are little comedians. It also showcases my creative skills as well as learn new skills.”

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Junior (Saturday)

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